Friday, December 25, 2009

ebook experience

Merry Christmas, Guardian-Librarian! My day was quite busy with family opening gifts around the tree, then family luncheon, Greek-style, with several varieties of grilled and roasted meats, the progression to coffee and grazing our way through several desserts...needless to say, I am beyond stuffed!

My wish came true, I am now the proud owner of a Sony ebook! I have joined the electronic reading masses and have started on the road to purusing my books from the downloads off the internet. Reading the manual was quick and the device quite easy to operate. After years of having to run VCR's, computer software, DVD's, PVR's, this ebook is gratifying in it's singular and simple functionality! My husband assisted me in registering the ebook, and downloaded my first book, the daunting 1094 pages of Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina! I sat down in the most comfortable LazyGirl chair in the house and found myself completely enthralled and engaged into the 40th page after 1/2 hour! I particularly love the ease of flipping pages (NOT) and having the consistency of one page before my eyes to be read.

I am now spending a few minutes checking out the various places to find ebook downloads. So far, I have discovered the Adobe download on the Toronto Public Library(TPL) site and NetLibrary has a free portal access through the TPL when I use my library card. I have a second ebook to read for the holidays, "Tell" by Norah McClintock. Happy reading, duckies!

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A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world

A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world
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