Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Movie/Slideshow gadget for our Blog!

I hope you enjoyed my new movie, Blue Spruce 2009! These pictures were actually taken last May at Harbourfront during the day of the Festival. I have saved them in my computer and hadn't really thought much about how I was going to use them.

Tonight, I discovered that you can make your own movie and/or slideshow right online. This site is called ANIMOTO. Then you can "embed it" into your own blog. Embedding means that once I had created the Blue Spruce Award 2009 movie, I was able to copy the HTML computer language here into this blog's "gadget" feature.

In the customize pages of my blog, I can move around my gadgets to different sides of the site. The "Followers" is one gadget. The "Videos" is the second gadget. I also have added the link to the "Shelfari" site. As a librarian, I love my Shelfari account. It is actually a different website where I copy the bookjacket picture of the book I am reading, and the Shelfari site links it to all the publishers, comments and reviews of the book.

The one problem I have, is trying to coordinate the colours of the backgrounds and the text. I think I'm going to use lighter background than the navy blue I have now. The letters came out black and very hard to read on navy blue.

Don't be surprised if my blog acts like a chameleon over the next few postings!

Hope you enjoy my BLUE SPRUCE VIDEO!!! A bientot!
Mrs. Dassios


  1. From Michael F:
    I really like the Animoto movie. I really like the shiny trophies from the Hockey Hall of Fame. I like the clown with long legs.

  2. From Eric W. I really like the Animoto Movie. I never knew what Melanie Watt looked like. Now I know what she looks like!

  3. I Miss.Dassios,

    I love the blog. I e-mailed the athour of The Odds Get Even. She e-mailed me back!!! Ilove her book! What one is your favourite?



A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world

A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world
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