Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Silver Birch Reading Club @ Noon Updates

Silver Birch Updates from Mrs. Dassios:
Today we held our Silver Birch meeting in the Learning Commons today at noonhour. We discussed more of the Silver Birch books, the Fiction, Non-Fiction and Express titles. Last week's winner of a poster was Reese. Today's winner of a poster was Emelia.

For the first time, the students had the opportunity to go on the Internet to explore the books, authors and biographies on the Silver Birch website organized by the Ontario Library Association (OLA). Students started writing letters to their authors, which they will email to them and hopefully receive replies in the near future.

We discovered an interesting series of videos on

Eric says of the site, "The Youtube website has videos about the books. They are made byCitizenkidstrailors. Today I watched How to Build Your own Country, by Valerie Wyatt. It was telling you like the steps in a short way. The voice was by kids. It was kind of like, It wasn't too much like the book because it has some different steps. It didn't have some of the steps.. like make your own passport."

Students can access both sites from home.

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A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world
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