Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hockey Artist-in-Residence @ Chine Drive P.S.

Liz Pead, artist, graduate of Ontario College of Art & Design, began the first of a month long visits @ Chine yesterday. Well versed in many media, she has recently specialized in the recycling of Hockey gear. She takes old equipment to be shredded, cut, or even full helmets, skates and are then applied onto large plywood canvases, creating the beautiful Canadian landscapes, as inspired by the famous turn-of-the-century Canadian artists, the Group of Seven.

On her first visit, she talked about her background, training, inspiration and experience in the world and in art. She showed the staff & students a series of slides depicting places she had visited that inspired her canvases. She also showed us many examples of her work, both large (4 metres square) and small (10 centimetres square). She also explores unusual mountings, such as a corner piece that wraps around from inside one wall to the next. She has created 3-D standing pieces of hockey stick Maple Trees, ironically decorated with every hockey player card imaginable, but NOT ONE single Toronto Maple Leaf player.

Visit her website to read and see more: www. lizpead.com

After the 1/2 hour presentation, we went out to the Chine Drive meadow over looking the breath-taking Scarborough Bluffs, and drew sketches, inspired by the view of nature around us. Liz has taken all the students' work and will go through the ideas to create a composite for our Gymnasium Mural. Stay tuned for more work reports with each of Liz's visits!!

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A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world
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