Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A New School Year, A New Job!!!

Welcome back to the Guardian Librarian site!

I am so thrilled to join the Adam Beck P.S. staff this fall in the Learning Commons as the IT/Informatique instructor!!! Each day, I am quickly finding my way more confidently around this huge facility. Administration, Staff and students have all been so helpful when I am lost or not sure of the routines. I hope all the years of training and experiences I bring to Adam Beck will benefit staff and students as the year progresses.

I'm looking forward to an exciting year of teaching both at Adam Beck P.S. and Chine Dr. P.S.
As you may have already noticed, I have updated the title to reflect my new job and responsibilities...
Going back to French Immersion milieu ... un grand plaisir... is such a great pleasure to use my French language skills once again on a daily basis.

First of all, a big thank you to all the OLA staff and volunteers (over 50!!!) who came out to the CNE this past summer to help us run the Blue Spruce Award Exhibit, 10th Anniversary of programming.
It was a thrill to be up close and personally viewing the original artwork that had been created for Canada's best illustrated picture books. Meeting Kari-Lynn Winters and Sean Cassidy was also a wonderful highlight of the programme. Many thanks to the CNE, Zis Parris, General Manager of Programming for coordinating the 75 feet of exhibit space for our programme. For my first posting, I will reflect on the amazing collection of authors and illustrators that made the OLA's Blue Spruce Award Reading Programme such a huge success. Check out my picture slideshow coming soon!
Enjoy... Au plaisir de la prochaine rencontre!

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A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world
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