Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Day 4 - Super conference closing day

Imagine you are seated at a table, about to eat your lunch, surrounded by 2,500 librarians who have come from across Canada and the U.S.A... as the waiters take their stands, a lone operatic tenor voice bursts out in glorious song from the middle of the room. Suddenly, more sopranos join in, an alto here and there... and the whole room is drenched in the rising voices of the Toronto Orfeus Choir! FLASH MOB CHOIR!!! What an amazing experience of sheer joy and music. The song closing and 2,500 librarians rise to their feet in applause and appreciation of this wonderful gift from the organizing team of OLA.

The morning started with a very inspiring speech from Diana Swain of the CBC news. She spoke about the importance of recognizing leaders amoung us, who are not necessarily the top performers, nor the most important people. The world changes in little increments of helping and improving the human condition. We need to keep recognizing the importance of the little jobs and tasks that make our communities a better place to live.

I attending workshops learning more about Computer programs and Graphic Novels. Two great areas of our Learning Commons I hope to introduce to our staff and students. Uses for Frames4, and curriculum specific assignments Social Studies, Math, Science and Health. Use of claymation and various writing - procedural, persuasive and descriptive.

The highlight of the day was definitely the speech given by CBC radio broadcaster, Jian Ghomeshi. Did you know he was of Iranian background? He had many interesting takes on the changing media and how his program "Q" is multi-media, radio, tv, youtube, myspace... very interesting! Do you think the book is dead? Will we all only use a type of screen, computer or ebook to read in the future???

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A library book opens the door to visit anywhere in the world
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