Thursday, May 24, 2012

Creative Writing - Name Generator

Are you experiencing writers' block? Do you need help to get those creative ideas flowing??
Check out this site! ( and I'm sure there are more out there like this!)

Seventh Sanctum

Creative Generation of names, characters and other interesting story stuff

The Grade 7-8 class came in to the Learning Commons today and we worked on creative short story writing. The students were getting frustrated trying to create names for their evil characters. I jokingly said to the class teacher, "I should buy a copy of Baby Names book for our collection." She looked quizzically at me then said, "Baby names for evil characters? Like Lucifer? Who names their baby Lucifer?"
So that got me thinking... even though I NEVER do this... I confess... I GOOGLED!
and this terrific site came up that actually instantly generates all kind of neat names and even...
character descriptions!

We gave 3 catagories in the Evil Name Generator : Clever/Sneaky, Death affinity and Oozing/slimy

Our request rendered 20 hilariously wicked names for our Hero/Anti-Hero stories:
Evilbrood The Interred
Mindsneak The Mouldering
Muckdrip The Cunning
Muckspawn The Slimy
Necrodrip The Deadly
Necromind The Cadaverous
Oozewit The Ghoul
Rotsludge The Cunning
Shroudpus The Sly
Slimescum The Clever
Smartsludge The Sly
Sneakbone The Ghoul

Then we wanted a Science-Fiction Government Generator:
Commonwealth of Territories, Cosmic Regency of Constellations, 
Electorate of Galaxies, Feudal Worlds, Suns' Monarchy

Okay writers... can't wait to read all about it...
Tell us what happens to Muckspawn the Slimy in the Cosmic Regency of Constellations

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